We enjoyed working in ad agencies for eighteen years – thirteen at BMPddb. We declared our independence in 2008 and now we work with ad agencies, brand consultancies and directly with brand owners.



Some of Our Beliefs


It’s got to work. Early in our career, someone commented on an idea: “It’s funny, but will it save 300 jobs at the factory?” We wrote something else. The ad ran – and the client had to build another factory.


Competition is everything. The websites compete for traffic. The packs compete for shelf-space. The brands for loyalty. The videos for attention. Competition makes everyone try harder.


Respect the audience. If you want to interrupt and engage you’d better entertain or inform too.


Every touch-point matters. The same level of creative effort should go into all brand communications.


Originality works. Fresh ideas get noticed, reflect well on a brand and become ownable assets.

The logo collection. Every project needs a different solution, but the creative process remains pretty much the same. Still, some clients like to hear about our sector-experience.

For agencies.

We crack pigs.


We’ve earned a reputation for cracking pigs: problem briefs, urgent pitches and projects many see as no-hopers.


We won awards for it during 13 years at BMP/ddb and have enjoyed doing it freelance for almost as long.


We work on projects of all kinds: from brand development and advertising to direct marketing and social media.
Mostly, agencies get us in for a Big Idea that’s media neutral.


We enjoy pitches and we’re quick.


We’ll be happy in your offices, in ours or in a quiet café around the corner.

For brand owners.

We get you noticed.


If you’re not noticed, everything else is academic.


We think strategically and creatively to get to whatever’s needed: developing brands and creating ideas for every channel.


We’ve made worldwide campaigns for multinationals and we’ve helped first-time advertisers onto TV.


If you know what you’re looking for, we’ll create it. If you’re not sure what you need, we’ll help you work that out.


If you want to get noticed, let’s talk.